pharmacological sciences

2021 Research retreat


Janice Cutler Professor of Chemistry, New York University

“Controlling Protein Degradation and Cytoskeletal Dynamics with Light”

This year’s keynote speaker is Dirk Trauner, the Janice Cutler Professor of Chemistry at New York University.  Dirk Trauner was born and raised in Linz, Austria, studied biology and chemistry at the University of Vienna, and received his Master’s degree in chemistry from the Free University, Berlin. He then pursued a Ph.D. in chemistry under the direction of Prof. Johann Mulzer, with whom he moved to the University of Frankfurt and then back to Vienna. Subsequently, he became a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Samuel J. Danishefsky at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. After two years in New York City, Dr. Trauner joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, where he rose through the ranks to become an Associate Professor of chemistry and a member of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In the summer of 2008, he moved to the University of Munich, where he served as a Professor of Chemical Biology and Chemical Genetics. In March of 2017 he returned to the U.S. to become the Janice Cutler Chair of Chemistry at New York University. He also holds a position as an Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience at the NYU Langone Medical School. He is a member of the Leopoldina Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Academia of Sciences, and a recipient of the Otto Bayer Award, the Emil Fischer Medal, an ACS Cope Scholar Award, and a Sloan Fellowship. The broad objective of Prof. Trauner’s research is to demonstrate the awesome power of chemical synthesis and to use it toward the precision control of biological pathways.


9:00AM – 9:30AM Welcome Remarks - Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD
CoDES Report - Maria Sosa, PhD
Trainee Outcomes - Drs. Avner Schlessinger and Eric Sobie
9:30AM – 9:45AM Data Blitz
9:50AM – 10:20AM Pilot Projects - Drs. Michael Lazarus, Maria Sosa and Daniel Wacker
10:30AM – 11:55AM Lab Presentations
12:00 PM – 12:45PM Lunch Break
12:45PM – 1:30PM SPA Communications Panel w| Drs. Florian Krammer and Denise Cai
1:35PM – 2:35PM Keynote Address - Dirk Trauner, PhD
2:35PM - 2:40PM Closing Ceremony
2:45PM - 4:30PM Poster Viewing Session


Instructions: You can view the poster and listen to the corresponding introduction by opening the poster you want to view in a separate tab while you play the intro.

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  4. 6. Arthur Chow 0:52
  5. 7. Brandon Dale 1:12
  6. 8. Carole Morel 1:01
  7. 9. Carolina Rodriguez Tirado 1:08
  8. 10. Daniel Clarke 1:22
  9. 11. David Stein 1:01
  10. 12. Emily Teichman 1:14
  11. 13. Eryk Kropiwnicki 1:09
  12. 14. John Erol Evangelista 1:21
  13. 16. Kseniia Levleva 1:07
  14. 17. Maxim Kuleshov 0:58
  15. 18. Megan Wojciechowicz 1:16
  16. 19. Minji Jeon 1:12
  17. 20. Nicole Zatorski 1:13
  18. 21. Sari Miyashita 0:58
  19. 22. TanChun Kuo 0:56
  20. 24. William Marsiglia 1:03
  21. 25. Yifei Sun 1:03
  22. 26. Zaigham Khan 1:26
  23. 27. Zhuorui (Sherry) Xie 0:54
  24. 28. Bharath Kumar Gajjela 1:20
  25. 29. Leslie Salas Estrada 1:03
  26. 31. Sarah Montgomery 1:13
  27. 33. Anbalagan Jagnathan 1:03

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