2021 Symposium on Diversity, Inclusion and Training

Department of pharmacological sciences


“Unconscious Bias Discussion”

Mary Koshy, MPA

Director, Corporate Health System Affairs

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Mount Sinai Health System

Mary Koshy, MPA is responsible for implementing and overseeing operational projects and resources in the Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) to advance Mount Sinai Health System’s goals on diversity, inclusion and equity. She has developed innovative strategies and practices to enhance the scope, impact and presence of diversity, inclusion and equity principles within the organization, and advise on best practices, policies and procedures to promote equity and inclusion for all. Ms. Koshy also supports ODI’s education and training portfolio of offerings; conducts educational sessions on various topics including Unconscious Bias, Understanding Equity and Inclusion, and Cultural Awareness: People with Disabilities. She directs the diversity, inclusion and equity programming of ODI’s people with disabilities area of focus at Mount Sinai.


10:00 am Welcoming Remarks:
Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD
10:05 am Introduction of the DPS Diversity Initiative:
The DPS-Student and Postdoc Association (SPA)
10:10 am Krulwich Fellows Presentation
10:30 am Data Blitz:
PREP Scholars and T32 Trainees
11:00 am Career in Pharmacology Discussion with Former T32 Trainees:
Mehdi Bouhaddou, PhD, Postdoc Scholar, UCSF Medical School
Rachel-Ann Garibsingh, PhD, Senior Scientist, Pfizer
Susana Zaph, PhD, Head of Translational Disease Modeling
Rare and Neuro, Sanofi
11:45 am Break / Virtual Poster Session in Breakout Rooms
12:45 pm Keynote:
“Unconscious Bias Discussion”
Mary Koshy, MPA
1:30 pm Panel Discussion:
“How to Improve Diversity in Science - From the Bench to the World”
Uraina Clark, PhD, Director of Research Development, Center for Scientific Diversity at ISMMS
Keino Hutchinson, Students for Equal Opportunity in Sciences (SEOS)
Avner Schlessinger, PhD, Co-Director of CoDES
Jamilia Sly, PhD, Associate Director of PREP
Maria S. Sosa, PhD, Director of CoDES
2:10 pm Closing Remarks:
Lakshmi Devi, PhD